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About Us

About Us


Who We Are

Talisman Print revives the power of words and symbols to protect, inspire, and empower. We're innovative creatives redefining art and symbolism, transcending traditional design norms to elevate your fashion.

What We Do

We deliver imagery imbued with depth, meaning, and historical significance. Our talismanic prints draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of cultural beliefs and ancient symbols, meticulously deciphered and transformed. Dive into the unwavering strength of Viking Norse mythology, discover the harmonious balance of Chakras and Reiki, or embrace the elegance of Latin and the spiritual guardianship of our Dreamcatcher Talismans. Each design carries profound meaning, with every symbol promising protection, healing, strength, and courage.

Why We're Different

We reject faceless brands that perpetuate fashion consumption and wasteful production. Instead, we offer a unique approach, restoring significance to every word and symbol. Our mission is to rekindle their ancient power, delivering clothing that does more than just look good—it empowers you, protects you, and inspires you. Explore our collection and experience the true potential of meaningful fashion. Choose Talisman Print, and choose a wardrobe that stands for something greater.


At Talisman Print, we embody a unique vision that goes beyond the conventional realms of design and printing. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of symbolism and imagery, we've dedicated ourselves to creating experiences that offer more than meets the eye.

Our designs draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of cultural beliefs and ancient symbolism, crafted meticulously into visually captivating prints. Delve into the robust strength and bravery of Viking Norse mythology, or discover the tranquil balance of Chakras and Reiki. Each design tells a story, each symbol carrying with it a promise of protection, healing, strength, and courage.

We transport you to the majestic past with our Latin and Sak Yant inspired designs, each ink stroke reverberating with centuries-old wisdom and mystique. Embrace the refined elegance of Japanese Kanji or immerse yourself in the profound depths of ancient Chinese and Oriental beliefs. Our art is not just a reflection of history; it's a homage to the human spirit's resilience and power.

Talisman Print further explores the intriguing mystique of Arabic scripts, eloquently woven into our designs, and the enigmatic allure of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. These symbols, each laden with meaning, invite you to form a connection, a bond that goes beyond aesthetics.

Drawing from the native American tradition, we've imbued the spiritual protection of dreamcatchers into our designs, marrying them seamlessly with the profound beliefs of the Cherokee people.

Our range is not confined to apparel alone. We extend our talismanic essence to home furnishings, adding an ambiance of protection and courage to your living space. Every item, every design, is a testament to our commitment to infusing art with a purpose – an armor for your everyday battles, a talisman for your journey.

We invite you to explore our collection, embrace the power within these symbols, and become a part of the Talisman Print family.